Book Buying in Turkey

From, a travel essay about Antalya, Turkey, and discovering a used bookstore that sold English-language literary novels. 

"Three days into the trip, while walking through the old quarter of Antalya, Turkey’s southern coastal hub, I stumbled upon the Owl Book Shop, a store that sold used English-language books. Though it was before 9 a.m., the shop was open and a man sat outside in a lawn chair with an empty beer bottle at his feet and a perspiring full one in his hand. He was sweating as much as the beer, even though the breezy morning hadn’t heated up yet. The man asked if I liked books. Following my enthusiastic yes, he popped out of his chair, stuck out his hand and said, “I am Kemer. I buy and sell. Please go in.” His deep voice, dark hair and beard and flawless-but-accented English gave him the appearance of a shabby Peter Ustinov."